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I just wanted to use the sub table to explain this step in the following way: "Aha, table sub is for subordinate employees, so, logically, I count the number of subordinates in that table". As I said earlier, I self-join the employee table using two aliases. The join condition is sub.manager_id = sup.employee_id.

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  • For example, the SQL statement below returns the number of unique departments where at least one employee makes over $55,000 / year. SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT department) AS "Unique departments" FROM employees WHERE salary > 55000; Again, the COUNT(DISTINCT department) field is aliased as "Unique departments". As content of "Employee," "Name," "Department," "Telephone," and "Email" elements occur once in respective order "Name," "Department," "Telephone," and "Email" content are text strings "Employee" has an attribute called "Employee_Number" ... Repeat count designations can be used within element references, attribute declarations and within Model. Q2. Display details of clerks and managers in descending order of department number. Q3. To display department wise number of the employees. Q4. Displays sorted records of all the employees except HONEY and PREM in descending order of their salary. Q5. Display department wise count of all the employees who are working either in Dept No 20,. Approach: Using JOIN and IN clause [Accepted]. Algorithm. Since the Employee table contains the Salary and DepartmentId information, we can query the highest salary in a department.. SELECT DepartmentId, MAX (Salary) FROM Employee GROUP BY DepartmentId; . Note: There might be multiple employees having the same highest salary, so it is safe not to. You use the following code to do this: ; WITH HierarchyList_CTE AS ( SELECT StaffID, StaffName, Department, ManagerID, 1 AS StaffLevel FROM Reference.Staff WHERE ManagerID IS NULL UNION ALL SELECT.

    Count of number of employees in department wise in sql

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    Mark for Review (1) Points Reorder the clauses in the query It means that employees from the same department is a subset or window of related rows Emp, dept table may not be good example to answer this question We first get the number students in each gr 20> Given an SQL schema definition for the employee database of Figure 3 380 Winchester Ammo 20> Given an.